The landscape becomes an extremely important and dynamic element in the definition of the interior of the exhibition space. The horizon as the most distinguishable element becomes the focal point. It is appropriated and continued within the interior by creating a new collage horizon made out of various photographs of the sea created in different locations over a longer period of time. They are connected all exactly on the line of the horizon and form the continuous landscape. What becomes obvious is that the horizon is nothing but the line.

On the ground floor of the gallery, another horizon is made by using objects used for drawing.

The final exhibited work has been realized in collaboration with the audience. A new horizon for each visitor was recreated separately, depending on the height of their eye level. The final layout is unpredictable.

The works were produced for the solo exhibition Untitled at the MAP – Meeting Art Place, Bela, Croatia in 2014.

various types of drawing tools dimensions adapted to space

photographs / black and white digital prints
dimensions adapted to space

pigment powder
dimensions adapted to space

Untitled, MAP – Meeting Art Place, Brela, Croatia (July 1-10, 2014)

installation view:
Untitled, MAP – Meeting Art Place, Brela, Croatia (July 1-10, 2014)

photo credits:
Viktor Popović